5 Main Ways That Candidates Annoy Recruiters, (Study)

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Some interesting research by Bullhorn has yielded some insights into how recruiters feel about many of the practices that job seekers employ to attract the recruiter’s attention and get short-listed for a job.  They found that many job seekers are doing serious damage to their employment chances by engaging in annoying practices which can even result in them being black-listed and hidden from the recruiter’s future searches.

The survey by BullHorn had a pretty good sample size, taking into account the views of 1,500 staffing recruiters, corporate recruiters and hiring managers.It is also bang up to date as the survey took place during the third week of August, so it deserves to be listened to —  especially as they found that 43% of recruiters would consider ‘blacklisting candidates (suppressing their names from resume searches) for deploying one particularly annoying job search tactic.

The survey came up with 5 main ways that candidates annoy recruiters and I have listed them below, along with five ways that job seekers appease recruiters in each situation.

Top 5 Ways to Annoy Recruiters.

1.Applying to Irrelevant Jobs, cited by 30% of recruiters

If you repeatedly apply for jobs that you are not qualified for or which are simply not relevant to your resume/CV, you risk getting yourself black-listed, hampering your future job seeking efforts.

Rather, always read the job description and closely check whether you have the skills and also check the company background and if you are a good match then prepare an individually tailored application which includes a cover letter explaining your suitability to the role, item by item, but focusing on the essential criteria.

Adopting this approach will not only mean that you appease recruiters when other applicants are annoying them, but you will be spending more of your time applying for suitable jobs which should increase your interview strike rate.

2.Exaggerating qualifications on a resume, cited by 21% of recruiters

While it is important to write in a highly promotional manner, be careful not to cross the line into exaggeration. Don’t overstate the value of qualifications. If you have done a one day course in presentation skills, it is not evidence that you are a gifted public speaker.

3.Focus on salary above all other job factors, cited by 15% of recruiters

When preparing your cover letter and talking to the recruiter, be much more expansive about your motivations for wanting to the join the business. Consider and communicate all the key pull factors, such as: company culture, great products, working practices, career development opportunities, exciting role etc…, to show that you have a properly rounded view of the business and have taken the time to consider why it is that you want to work at Company X. This more expansive approach will demonstrate you to be a more genuine candidate with much more commitment than someone adopting a more singular, money centred approach.

4.Respond to jobs that are way beyond your experience level, cited by 13% of recruiters

We know it can be hard when you are looking for a job and there can be days or weeks when no suitable opportunities apply, which mean you may be tempted to make unrealistic applications for jobs which are out of your reach. It may just be for a ‘punt’ (that, is just give it a go and see), or you may be a serial abuser. Either way, it is not helping your chances of making it to interview. You would be better served by expanding you job search techniques to incorporate additional more effective job search techniques such as networking. Or you could spend time enhancing your resume/CV or simply finding other channels to search for jobs. These latter approaches will be more helpful to your job search than making unrealistic applications for jobs that are out of your reach.

5. Call/e-mail more than once a week for status updates

Well, there you have it. Don’t be tempted to call the recruiter more than once a week for updates as you may be seem over keen and desperate. which could lead to the recruiter becoming concerned that your desperation could point to a general lack of employability, making you seem like an less attractive and hard to place candidate.

Also, when you do contact them give them something positive to think about, e.g. you have updated your resume/CV to improve its appeal or you just completed a new training course etc… This will help to make you stand out in the recruiters mind as a dynamic and progressive applicant.

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