Top Three Ways to Improve Employee Engagement (Study)

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Or in more technical terms, how satisfied are your employees with their job role and with working in your business? Don’t know? Well, it is certainly something that you should pay close attention to, because an employee’s level of satisfaction is a strong indicator of the level of contribution they will be making to your business.

Yes, according to the findings of the Blessing White: Global Engagement Report, satisfied employees stay for what they can give to the business, that is they like their work and are able to contribute.

While on the other hand, dissatisfied employees stay for what they can get which may simply be a secure job in a difficult market, a good salary or bonus, nice working conditions and may not contribute as much as the engaged.

The big issue here however is that the disengaged staff are not simply walking out the door, leaving you with engaged staff – and meaning you can hire engaged staff to replace the disengaged who have left, thereby replenishing the business.

Because, if you see the survey below, you can see that most staff are planning to stay put next year. For example in S.E. Asia, 95% of staff are definitely or most likely staying put, in Europe 86% are staying put and America 88% are staying put.


But, the problem here is the Blessingwhite survey also suggests that only 31% staff are engaged and delivering high performance. This means that while some of the most disengaged (18.5%), will most likely be dismissed for performance or leave voluntarily, in general, the organization will not naturally recycle out the disengaged and replace it with the engaged.

This means you as a business must take actions that will raise the satisfaction levels of the majority disengaged staff, that is if you are to get higher performance out the majority of your staff body, who could be either coasting or making less than optimal contributions to the business.

One way to raise the satisfaction levels of your team is to assess their current satisfaction levels with an employee satisfaction survey, and find out what things would make them more satisfied – and then you can take actions to remedy the situation.

Or, you can look at the Blessingwhite global engagement report graph below which assessed more than 10,000 professionals to find out what items would most improve their job satisfaction. These were:

Top 3 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

  1. Career Development opportunities and training
  2. More opportunities to do what I do best (try and match employees to work they do well)
  3. More flexible job conditions (e.g. control over how my work gets done, flex time..)



So, the general message here is that in order to increase satisfaction levels and raise productivity levels for the majority of your staff you need to focus on: career development, tailoring jobs to suit their skills and providing more flexible working conditions in tune with the modern world.

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