7 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Being HeadHunted on Linked-in

Research from CareerXRoads tells us that 9.1% of jobs that are filled in today’s world are recruiter initiated which means a recruiter has gone out and located a candidate for a job and that candidate has gone on to fill that post. As well as this, research shows that over 90% of recruiters are now using Linked-In to headhunt staff.

What does all this mean? It means that Linked-In is the most likely avenue through which you will be headhunted for your dream job and it is therefore important that you put yourself in pole position to be found on Linked-In.

As well as this, being headhunted tends to mean that you are in demand, which means that you can often find yourself in a stronger bargaining position enabling you to negotiate better terms and conditions for your dream role. Therefore being headhunted is the royal gateway to your dream job and all of you should therefore make sure you maximize your chances of being found on Linked-In. So, how can you do it?

1.Fully complete your profile; Linked-In’s own statistics shows that members with fully completed Linked-In profiles are 40 times more likely to be found in a recruiter search, that is they appear higher up the search rankings. Yet, it is easy to take a quick search around Linked-In and find plenty of incomplete profiles in a very short space of time. You should be aware that in February 2012, Linked-in change their criteria for what constitutes a completed Linked-In profile so if you haven’t updated/improved your profile since then, there is a good chance that your profile may be incomplete. Just to be clear a complete Linked-In profile consists of:

  1. Profile photo
  2. Listed all employers, roles and descriptions of your roles
  3. 5 or more skills on your profile
  4. Write a summary about yourself
  5. Fill out your industry and postal code
  6. Add where you went to school/university
  7. Have 50 or more connections

If you need any help completing your profile, why not try out the Linked-In ‘Improve Your Profile Tool‘.

2.Add a Photo; Linked-In research shows that having a good quality photo makes your profile 7 times more likely to be found in searches. So, make sure to get a good quality photo of you taken and posted on your Linked-In profile. Ideally, the photo should be a head and upper torso shot and you should be in business attire. If you want to be more adventurous you could have a shot of yourself in a relevant business situation, such as giving a presentation, but make sure your face can be seen clearly.

3.Make sure to list your two most recent positions, at the very least, because Linked-In research shows that profiles with the two most recent positions listed are 12 times more likely to be found.

4.Make regular updates to your profile; I know as a recruiter that Linked-In used to suffer with the problem of out of date profiles, so now Linked-In rewards members who keep their profiles fresh and up to date by making them appear higher in search rankings. So, make sure to update your profile regularly to make sure you remain at the top of the search rankings. This could include things like: change of job title, new skill acquired, new job etc. Also, when you do update your profile, this will appear in the news feed of your connections which may make any recruiters in your network curious enough to come view your profile, once again, increasing your chances of being found.

5.List the maximum 50 skills and expertise; Linked-In profile search now puts more emphasis on ‘skills and expertise’. So, make sure you add the maximum number of skills and expertise, which is 50 and make sure you network and demonstrate your skills in order to gather endorsements. This will help your profile to rank higher in searches and increase your chances of being found by a recruiter.

6.View the profiles of relevant hiring managers and recruiters. Why? Because, recruiters can see who has viewed there profile in the last few days and most of them look at this regularly and check the profiles just out of pure curiosity. And if you happen to fit the profile of candidate they are looking for, you have just placed yourself right in front of their line of sight and increased your chances of being found.

7.Make sure that e-mail, phone and skype are included in your contact info. Make it easy for recruiters to contact you directly and instantaneously and thereby increase your chances of being found.

8.Join relevant skill/interest based groups, as many recruiters search specific groups in order to find talent so being in a skill relevant group will increase your chances of being found.

9.Specify locations and where you will commute or relocate to. Most recruiters do location based searches for candidates and so make sure to list your current working locations and any locations that you would relocate/commute to and this will again increase your chances of being found.

10.List all relevant skills in your profile and/or summaries as this will make you rank higher in recruiter searches for profiles with these skills, increasing your chances of being found, yet again.

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