Lifting The Lid on Social Media Background Screening – (Infographic)

There is a lot of talk and mild concern about social media employer background screening, but much of it is not necessary. Why? Because the research shows that social media screening is here with a bang, that is, 93% of recruiters use social media to screen candidate. And rather than fight it, savvy candidates are embracing social media and using it to their advantage in career search and I urge all my readers to do the same. This means developing a powerful on-line personal brand which primarily should focus on a fully completed and optimized Linked-In profile, a privacy managed and cleansed Facebook profile and an industry and career relevant twitter profile and communication strategy.

As well as this, candidates should always be up to date on exactly how recruiters and employers are screening social media profiles so you can continually optimize your social media profile and jobs search strategy to maximize your chance of getting a job.

And to help you with this, I present the findings of a highly focussed Reppler study which looked at the social media screening behaviour of 300 hiring professionals and the results can be seen in the info-graphic below.


  • As you can see over 90% of recruiters are screening candidates through social media
  • 47% of employers look at social media profiles when they receive an application which means your social media profile will play a huge part in determining whether you are short-listed..
  • Facebook and Twitter are being used to screen candidates at a very early stage of the process and these are being used to assess your personality.

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