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Last updated on June 6th, 2016 at 10:41 am

With unemployment levels being so high in many developed economies – particularly in the euro-zone and amongst the younger generations – employers may find that they are overwhelmed by applicants for any given role. A reportintheUK’sTelegraph has revealed that some employers are receiving up to 56 applications for graduate vacancies which is a 7% rise on the previous year. US employers are typically receiving 25 applicants per role according to a CareerBuildersurvey.

Considering many companies are making multiple hires each month, a typical recruiter in-box can soon become overloaded with applicant emails. This means it can take considerable to time to hire, shortlist, acknowledge, schedule for interview and reject these applicants, which is why many companies choose to automate the application management process by using Recruitment software or what is known in the trade as an Applicant Tracking System.

One of the leading and most well known applicant tracking systems is Zoho Recruit. One of the reasons that I recommend it, is that it is small business friendly in that it has a free edition which is suitable for companies that have just one recruiter. But, of course the system is entirely scalable and you can use the Standard Edition for companies with more than one recruiter for a very reasonable $19 a month, which compares well to other ATS on the market.

But, despite being free and affordable the Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking System is still one of the best in class systems on the market. Why? It allows employers to automate much of the recruiting process, reducing labour intensity and increasing efficiency, and all the key features you would expect to see in an ATS such as:

  • Integration with majors jobs boards and Linked-In so its quick and easy to advertise
  • Web form for automated submission of resumes
  • Powerful ‘resume parsing’, meaning resumes are automatically entered into the system
  • Resume Management Systems for easy searching, ranking and shortlisting
  • Interview scheduling system with Outlook Integration
  • Mass mailings functionality
  • And much more

MailMagnet – Get Back In Control of Your Inbox

What is good about Zoho is that they are always developing their product and they have just recently added a powerful new feature to their applicant tracking system called MailMagnet. It is a mail add-on for Zoho Recruit which was released in March this year and it allows you to get control of your busy recruiter inbox (which I know from experience can at times be chaotic) by allowing you to seamlessly track all your email communications within Zoho Recruit’s recruitment software.

So,what’ssogreataboutthisadd-on?Well, its burrows into a busy, chaotic recruiter in-box and only shows those emails which are relevant to the particular recruiter in relation to the candidate/contact they are working with. This allows you to quickly prioritize the important emails and only focus on those that are crucial to you.

So, if you are a busy hiring team with multiple recruiters and what can only be described as an information overloaded, chaotic In-box, then the MailMagnet add-on to Zoho Recruit ATS is the perfect tool for you. Check it out.

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