Don’t Fall For These Self-Employment Myths

Here’s the thing about self-employment. It could be the best thing for your life.

If you have spotted the signs that it’s time for a career change, or if you want to escape the rat race altogether, then setting yourself up in business may be the perfect option. It might also be the thing to do if you are currently struggling to gain employment anywhere else.

However, the reason why many people don’t go down the self-employment route is because of the common myths that seem to prevail. While there is a hint of truth in some of these myths, you should never let them rule your thinking if you have been considering setting yourself up in business.

Myth 1: It’s expensive to get started

Not necessarily, as you might only need a computer and a cheap web hosting company to host your business website to get you up and running. It depends what kind of business you are considering. However, most banks offer business loans, so provided you have a plan in mind, it’s not too difficult to secure funding if you need it. However, it’s still worth having a little money saved up at the beginning, as you will be able to opt for a smaller loan, and/or you will have something to see you through the first few months when you are trying to make a profit. Continue reading

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The Five Love Languages, a masterpiece written by Gary Chapman, is one of the many books making it to the New York’s best seller list. It came out a few years ago but has managed to emboss on the list for some time now. It reflects about human’s perception of love; how they embrace, express and offer this complicated emotion. But, it has come to observation that while seeking out customers for businesses, the five languages of love can play a very important role.

  1. Feeling valued:

It is of common observation that people often feel disconnected with their social lives and people they tend to show affection to, making them lonely in a matter of time. So, if a company puts in efforts to embraces the customers with open arms and to make them feel valued under their roof, it creates a positive effect of affection. Continue reading

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Using Competitive Analysis to Your Advantage in E-commerce

When you’re starting up your business, why reinvent the wheel? Doesn’t it make more sense find one that’s already rolling and attach it to your vehicle?

This is what using competitive analysis to your advantage in ecommerce is all about. Whatever your goal, whether it’s how to sell ebooks on your own website, market fishing lures or start an adventure travel service, looking over your rivals’ shoulders will afford useful insights.

  1. Gain a Clearer Picture of the Market

According to ecommerce platform provider Shopify, conducting a solid competitive analysis will give you insights into industry pricing, the quality of the merchandise you’re up against and the nature of the services your adversaries provide. Continue reading

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