At What Point Does Your Business Need Employee Rostering Software
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Do you regularly deal with time off requests?

Do your managers have trouble creating efficient schedules? These are challenges that can be simplified with the help of employee rostering software.

Creating a schedule requires a lot of consideration. You need to consider the available budget, employee availability, and their pay rates. You may also need to factor in time off requests and individual preferences.

When you handle these tasks manually, you are using up valuable time. But, at what point should you make the switch to using software to create your schedules? Learn more about employee scheduling software. Find out when you should implement this software.

When You Cannot Handle Time Off Requests

When you are no longer able to keep up with time off, vacation, and holiday requests, then this software can free up your time. The larger your organization, the more requests you will need to deal with.

Sometimes, these requests can conflict with each other. Your manager then needs to choose which employee receives the time off. The rostering software eliminates the need to deal with this problem.

Using rostering solutions, you will be able to automate the way that you handle time off requests. Employees will have the ability to make these requests through the system. Managers can then review the requests and immediately approve or deny it.

There is also a complete record of these records. Therefore, there are no disagreements concerning who put in their request first. Overall, increasing the efficiency of handling time off requests can be a major help for larger businesses.

When Your Scheduling Needs Become Too Complex

If your business has multiple shifts and complex rosters, it can be difficult to create an efficient schedule. This is especially true in the hospitality and healthcare sectors, where businesses often have to deal with complex scheduling needs.

When your schedule becomes too complex to handle, it could be time to let the employee rostering software take over. Burlington Hotel in Dublin faced a similar challenge.

Using this software, Burlington Hotel managed to increase the efficiency of their staff, while reducing costs and automating their scheduling needs. They had the system up and running within 4 days. Working in a hotel, managers had to deal with irregular hours and multiple shifts.

The system made sure that every shift was properly covered, without going over budget. They could also ensure that employees received their correct entitlements. These benefits not only provide savings and improve productivity, this also results in happier employees – which, in turn, creates happy customers.

When You Need to Improve Productivity

As mentioned, employee rostering software can help improve productivity. You can choose the employees that are best suited for each task while sticking to your budget.

With the help of the rostering software, your managers can categorize employees based on their skills and pay rates. These two factors can help you create a more efficient and productive work schedule.

When You Want Instant Results and Detailed Tracking

Another advantage of using employee rostering software is that you can view the results of your schedule instantly.

Remaining flexible with your scheduling can be incredibly beneficial in certain industries. For example, in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors, you may find yourself faced with regular call offs and shift swaps. This can result in changes to the schedule which may cause you to go over budget.

You get real time tracking so that you can monitor the schedule any day of the week. Make sure that you remain within budget as the schedule changes throughout the week.

When You Need to Cut Labor Costs

If your business has been dealing with setbacks or if you need to cut labor costs, the first place that receives trimming is typically the schedule. Unfortunately, cutting the

schedule does not always result in cost efficiency. Instead, you need to make the right cuts.

The software will help you determine the best places to reduce your workforce without resulting in a drain on productivity. Make effective labor cuts while continuing to improve your efficiency.

When Your Employees Want Access to Their Schedule

Using rostering software, your employees will have access to their schedule. They will not have to contact the human resources department to check their available vacation time or find out when they work. This is just one more task that is simplified with the help of rostering software.

When You Expect Your Business to Grow

Implementing employee scheduling software before your business grows will prepare you for the challenges ahead. As your business grows, this scalable software will grow with you.

These benefits are not just for large organizations. Businesses of any size can take advantage of employee rostering software. You just need to find the solution that works for your business. Contact the experts at Advance Systems today to learn more.



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