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The law dictates that all employees are entitled to a written contract within 2 months of joining.

If an employer fails to provide an employment contract within the required time an employee could make a claim to an employment tribunal and, if successful, the Employment Tribunal (not the employer) will determine what particulars should have been given to the employee and what they should have said.

These professional Employment Contract templates, enable you as an employer to meet your legal obligations and sets out the main terms and conditions of employment such as pay, sick pay, notice period, working hours and holidays etc, reducing the risk of misunderstanding, disputes and of course employment tribunals. The kind of employment contract that you need will depend on the situation you are in, but you'll generally need one of the following types of contract.

1:) Part-Time Employment Contract Template.

This kind of speaks for itself and is suitable for employing workers on a part-time, but permanent basis, so this is to be used when you have a steady stream of work for anything from about 1 to 4 days a week. Click for more info or to buy

2:) Full-Time Employment Contract Template.

As an established business with a predictable flow of work, you would ordinarily be making use of a full-time, permanent contract to give both yourself and the employee job security, which is vital for your business continuity. Click for more info

3:) Fixed-Term Employment Contract Template.

This is for situations where you expect work to last for a finite period of time such as 6 months or a year. Click for more info

4:) Casual Worker Agreement.

This is suitable for employing casual labour for when you have a a very unpredictable flow of work with sudden peaks and troughs in demand. This is perfect for cafe or restaurant staff and seasonal labour and any other business or organization where the flow of work is unpredictable.

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