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If you are looking for CV Case Studies, I can help. I am a MCIPD qualified international HR specialist, who has spent his career working in HR roles, spanning Europe,  America and Asia. I have recruited  staff in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, New York, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia providing me  with a global and cross cultural perspective on practices in recruiting and HR. I am well poised to advise professionals with country specific advice on how to optimise their CVs and gain employment.

I provided these CV Case Studies templates below of real CVs I have prepared -- with personal details removed of course - in word format in order that you can download and prepare your own optimized CV for you next job application.


A mid-career Senior Audit Manager from Boston was looking to relocate to New York. This candidate had been working for the same audit company for 8 years and was looking to modernize his resume.

This is a one page American style resume format designed to suit the US professional market. Typically, candidates apply for a job with a this kind of resume and then can follow up with a more detailed CV at a later stage.


This client was a mid-career HR professional looking to relocate from the US to Germany and needed to have her American style resume redeveloped in to a more European/German CV format.

This,(amongst other adaptations) involved including a photo in the top right hand corner of the CV. This is the norm in Germany unlike many other countries, like the UK for example, where the opposite is true. Click on the image above to download this CV now.


This client was a UK based mid career financial analyst/manager looking to apply for a finance manager role and was looking for a CV that would help to present him as promotion ready.

This CV lacked an emphasis on team and project based achievements and I was able to design a CV which brought his accomplishments in these areas to the fore.


This is a template based on the European Europass CV format which was developed by the EU to bring some standardization to European CVs.

The Europass template is lacking in some areas in my opinion. I have therefore taken the basic template and made substantial modifications and improvements based on my experience as a HR professional in Europe. This CV has an emphasis on being multilingual which is a vital skill in Europe.



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