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The StaffTRAK HR Productivity Tool Suite is a selection of downloadable HR- related, productivity tools, based in word or excel, primarily suited to micro-businesses of up to about 20 people, who aren’t ready to invest in subscription or proprietary software tools, that can cost over £200 a year, per tool.

There are 5 cost effective products in the StaffTRAK productivity suite, which are: time sheet, absence tracker, staff rota, recruitment tracker and a staff performance  appraisal kit.  They provide you with the core functionality you need to manage several essential HR tasks at a fraction of the price of HR software.


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  • Smart excel based staff rota with time saving macros suitable for use in restaurants, pubs, hotels and businesses etc…
  • Smart excel based holiday and absence tracker with time saving macros with straight forward absence reporting.
  • Smart excel based time-sheet with time saving look-ups which you can hand out to employees and contractors.
  • Smart excel based recruitment tracker with time saving macros to help you quickly and easily track applicants during the  hiring process.
  • Performance management kit for small business to optimize performance, containing: Probationary Period Form, Light Appraisal Form, Advanced Appraisal Form, Appraisal Guide and Annual Bonus Plan.


  • Will make your small business more productive and effective by automating manual labour and providing actionable insights via several digital dashboards.
  • All within Microsoft Excel, making it a much more affordable alternative to expensive specialist software





1. StaffTRAK Rota. This download ready Excel Staff Rota  will suit a smaller company of perhaps 20 or less employees who might not need software. It’s easy to use, visually attractive and much more affordable than a subscription software based alternative. It’s perfect to use in a restaurant, pub, club or the workplace and will enable to manage your staff rotas more efficiently. It also calculates pay and allows you to specify working location. You can start managing shifts in no-time.  Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click here for more detail.


stafftrakholiday2.StaffTRAK Holiday & Absence stafftrakholmonthly  is a downloadable holiday and leave tracking excel template. It’s easy to use and you can start managing holidays and leave in no-time. It allows you to track 7 different types of leave and provides summary reporting so you always know your staff’s leave allowances. Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.


stafftraktime3.StaffTRAK Time. biweeklytimesheetThis downloadable excel-based time sheet tool will enable you as a busy manager to effectively track your staff hours. It comes in weekly, biweekly and monthly format. All you have to do is email this template to your consultants of employees and have them send it back to you before payment deadline. It calculates earnings and encourages workers to itemize their invoice based on client and billable vs non-billable work. Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.


stafftrakhire4.StaffTRAK ATS.stafftrakhiredash This downloadable Excel-Based Applicant tracking system is a great tool, enabling small business to track and manage their hiring process. The tool allows you to track applicants through 6 stages of the hiring process, and will produce interview schedule reports and will create an auto-updating digital dashboard, illustrating KPIs like: source of hire, cost per hire, time to hire, and rejection reasons, providing an ongoing health-check of your hiring process. Also, if used properly, it can also help to demonstrate you have a fair selection process, which is crucial should you ever face a claim of unfair discrimination against your hiring process.Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.


stafftrakperform2.StaffTRAK Performance Management Kit. This kit contains all that you need to manage the performance of your staff in a small business. It includes:

probationtablet1.Probationary Review Period Form to assess, manage and focus new starters. This is a probationary period form and it includes everything you need to implement a trial period for a new hire into your business. It details out a step by step process which covers: 1.Initial Review Meeting 2.Interim Probationary Review Meeting, 3.Final Review Meeting.

checkintablet2. One page, simple Quarterly Appraisal form in word format for beginners. The appraisal system is in word format and contains four replica appraisals forms for February, May,  August and November, enabling you to do light-touch, 30 minute, quarterly appraisals. It contains 2  simple questions that enable employees to self-evaluate in a constructive and reflective way, and also has a comments section for managers.

excelappraisal3. ONE PAGE, advanced excel format Quarterly Appraisal Form, for advanced managers, containing:
1.) Employee Self Appraisal – Employee evaluates own performance.
2.) Manager Appraisal – Manager evaluates the employee’s performance.
3.) Objectives/Targets – Set goals to motivate staff to perform
4.) Personal Development Plan – Set learning goals so staff improve

4.annualbonus Simple Bonus Plan to reward high performance. This is a bonus plan system document and it includes everything you need to develop and administer a bonus plan for your small business. Employees are given a bonus pot, which is a % of their salary. This bonus pot is combined with a Company Performance Factor (CPF), Individual Performance Factor (IPF), and Team Performance Factor (TPF)  to determine the actual bonus award that will be paid, according to the formula shown below.

5.appraisalguidetablet Twenty Point Guide To Make Your Staff Love Appraisals Again to help you deliver great appraisals. This is small business optimized and  focused on driving behaviours crucial to success in small businesses. It is user friendly and can be used as a working companion to dip in and out of or can be read as a standalone e-book.

Click for a detailed review of each product in the StaffTRAK Performance Management Kit.

Value for money: 

  • It would cost about £600 to have a VBA developer design these 4 smart excel templates for your business, making it very good value, saving you £140 from the outset.
  • For a small company, it’ll cost you about £250 a year for performance appraisal software, whereas the entire productivity suite including  StaffTRAK Performance comes at a fraction of the cost.

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