4 Free or Affordable Employee Performance Appraisal Software Packages for Small Business

Employee Appraisals are a vital part of a small business’s HR Strategy. The best way to manage, motivate, direct and engage staff is through employee appraisals. And, it doesn’t have to be hard to implement. Of course, if you want you can hire a HR professional to handle your employee appraisals.

But there are plenty of free off the shelf appraisal packages which enable you to take the more economical, DIY path to employee appraisals if that is your wish – and I have outlined 4 free, employee appraisal software packages below:

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How to Take Care of Brand Compliance in Your Organization

In 2012, HBR published a survey report that looked into the factors that drive customers to behave and believe in the things that they do. According to this report, an overwhelming 64% of customers cited ‘shared values’ as the reason they have a relationship with a brand. Given this massive impact that a brand’s value can have on a customer relationship, it is critical that business organizations ensure consistency and uniformity in their branding efforts.

However, branding consistency can be a problem when your marketing efforts are disjointed or are handled by affiliated third parties. Take McDonalds as an example. A whopping 82% of the company’s outlets today are handled by franchises. In other words, the local marketing efforts at a majority of the McDonalds outlets are driven by third party entrepreneurs, not the organization itself. Ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across these thousands of outlets is an immense challenge. Continue reading

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Top 3 Ways To Inspire Staff To Stay Organised

It is one thing to keep ourselves organised and quite another to keep our staff organised. Whilst we can hold ourselves accountable for ourselves it can be a different kind of challenge to ensure that all our team members are staying on top of their own individual organisation. If you feel that some of your staffs organisation skills leave a little to be desired then read on for our top tips on ways to inspire your team to stay organised without you having to regularly remind them to do so.

Creating a Shared Purpose

One of the best ways to inspire people is to make them feel that they are part of something important and are working towards a shared goal. This applies when it comes to your staff and how to encourage them to be more motivated, productive and organised. Creating a positive purpose around increased organisation is one of the best ways that you can make staff feel that they want to serve that purpose by building on, or maintaining (for those naturally more organised members of your team) their level of organisation. Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Business – Your Employees

Not every business owner has the opportunity to enjoy success like you. From humble beginnings, you have built your fashion brand. You’ve attracted visitors to your website from all over the globe and started hiring full-time employees. It may not be an empire yet, but you’ve got aspirations and hopes to keep things moving along at a good pace. The trouble is, your success no longer depends on just you. Your workforce has a huge part to play too.


Recruitment costs a lot of time and money so it makes sense to choose the very best candidates you can find as quickly as possible. Attracting the most talented people can be quite challenging for a small up-and-coming designer. Consider what you can offer them. These are the people that are going to help you push your business up to the next level. How much is that investment worth to you? Continue reading

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