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Taking those first steps into people management can be daunting. This blog is owned by a  practicing HR professional.  It contains advice, resources, and products to help you manage each step of the employment life-cycle, to include hiring, onboarding, motivating, managing performance, time management, disciplining and dismissal. Below is a new hire & people management check-list which details the essential and recommended management measures to be applied to staff.

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Attracting and Hiring Staff

Before you post a job advert anywhere, I’d strongly recommend that you read this article on the top reasons that job adverts fail. It will help you write better job adverts. I’d also recommend reading this article here which cites the essential things to do before hiring your first employee, along with this article about the most reliable candidate assessment methods. Finally, this article about why news hires fails is worth and it emphasizes the importance of assessing candidate’s interpersonal skills alongside technical skills.

You should think about using software to support your hiring process. Microbusinesses of 20 people or less might find this excel based recruitment tracker, called StaffTRAK ATS very useful.Bigger organizations would benefit from using an applicant tracking system(hiring software), and you can find a list of 6 cloud-based hiring software tools here.

Appointing a new staff member

Once you have selected your ideal candidate it’s now time to make them an employee, which you can do by giving them an employment contract. You should ideally read this article about why you should have an employment contract or you can simply go ahead and buy an employment contract template, here.

Onboarding Your New Hire

With an employment contract in place, I’d recommend that you have some form of the probationary period for your new hire.  Read this article on how to implement a probationary and you can also download a probationary period form from that page too. By law, you’ll need to have a grievance and disciplinary procedure and this would normally be included in your employee handbook which itself outlines at all the employee’s working entitlements. At this stage, you may want to think about having an HR database to store your new hire data and I’d suggest this Excel-based HR Dashboard and HR Database. If you want a heavier-duty cloud-based HR system try this list of the best cloud-based HR databases for small businesses.

Motivating your staff

Research shows that the best way to manage and focus your staff is by using quarterly objectives and here’s a great guide on how to set objectives for your staff. If you know how to set objects already them jump straight to this quarterly appraisal form or this heavier duty performance appraisal kit to help you manage your appraisals.

Larger companies may prefer to use performance appraisal software a list of which can be viewed here. Employee satisfaction surveys are a great way to gauge the mood of your staff and here is the list of 5 fully automated, cloud-based staff mood assessment tools.

Developing Staff Skills

We are in the midst of a learning revolution. We are moving away from traditional classroom-based learning towards on-demand, online e-learning and micro-learning sessions, delivered right to your employee’s tablet or mobile advice. Check out our list of top 5 eLearning resources by clicking here.

Time Management of Staff

For time-tracking, you can download a simple timesheet excel template here or you can review our list of free or affordable, cloud-based, timesheet software tools.

If you need to manage staff rotas, try our simple excel based staff rota template or review our list of free or affordable, cloud-based, staff scheduling software tools.

For staff absence management try our simple Excel-based, holiday and absence tracker or review our list of free or affordable, cloud-based absence management software tools.

Disciplining Staff

If there is serious conflict, underperformance or incompetence you will need to resolve this legally using a Disciplinary and Grievance Policy which can be found in this staff handbook.

Dismissing Staff

Due process must be followed when dismissing staff or you face the prospect of legal and financially punitive action. If you want to dismiss an employee then read this guide to terminating staff and consult a HR or legal professional.

If you want to make an employee redundant try this guide to redundancy, and you want to make a mutually agreed separation with an employee read this article around settlement agreements. Always consult with a legal or HR professional before dismissing an employee.

When staff leave voluntarily it can be useful to know why they left and you can find this out using an exit interview.

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