StaffTRAK HR Dashboard: HR Database and Dashboard

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Manage Your Employee Data Easily with This Downloadable, Excel Based HR Database and Dashboard.

If you have a small business of up to 50 employees, you can use this smart Excel template — loaded with time saving macros and formulas — to manage staff information and report on HR Key Performance Indicators.  It will give you an up-to-date view of your employee performance, attendance levels, average tenure and many other KPIs. 

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Loaded with time-saving macros

  • Fraction of the cost of cloud software

  • Track all employees 

  • Data-packed Digital dashboard


  • Acts as a HR database, enabling you to track all essential employee data.
  • Enables you to track vacation and sickness and bereavement leave on a monthly basis
  • Tracks employee salary, bonuses and and shares on an historical basis
  • Set quarterly goals, give scores and review staff performance
  • KPI dashboard providing automated reporting on average staff tenure, employee turnover, average sick days, head count and more.


  • A time-saving process that will help manage employee
  • Printable dashboard with key  HR metrics to optimize your HR process
  • This is a more affordable alternative to expensive specialist HR database  software
  • All within Microsoft Excel.


 Cloud Based HR Software VS StaffTRAK HR Database and Dashboard 
HR Software Vendor Yearly Price Estimate
Staffsquared £1080 a year for  30 staff
Zoho People £360 a year for 30 employees
PeopleHR Upto £1080 a year for 30 employees
StaffTRAK HR Database £30 for unlimited employees


As soon as you have downloaded StaffTRAK HR Dashboard, the smart excel template, you can get started with your employee database management. Save a spare copy of the file, just in case you make a mistake in your working file. After the file is opened you will need to “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content” in order to make changes and allow totals to calculate.


There is a sheet titled, “instructions” which tells you how to use the document.

HR Dashboard (Tab)

The dashboard tab reports on: average tenure, staff turnover, average salary, average bonus, average male salary, average female sale, average sick days, average performance rating per quarter, overall headcount and headcount by department and location. You can view all this information by year.

Entering Employees (Submission Tab)

Adding employees couldn’t be easier. Go to the Submission tab and enter the personal data for an employee and then click the ‘Submit Data’ button at the top to submit that employee’s information into the HR Database and Dashboard. You can record the following information: Name, gender, Address, Phone, Linked-In, Emergency Contact, Emergency Contact Phone, Date of Birth, Stare date, Employment End Date, End of 1st Probation, End of 2nd Probation, Working Hours, Employment Status, Job Title, Department, location, Line Manager and Starting Salary.

Individual Employee Analysis  (Tab)

This is the tab through which you view each employee’s individual record. It’s gives you a powerful snapshot of the employee’s key data, along with holiday days taken, and sick days taken per month, and their performance review data.

Select an individual employee

To select an individual employee, use the filter/select box in cell D8  under the cell called ‘Name’

Track holiday and sick

In order to record holidays and sick days, you just select the employee in question and then enter in the the number of holidays or sick days in the relevant month and click the ‘Submit Leave’ button.

Set goals and track performance

In order to record performance data, e.g. quarterly goals, ratings and comments, just fill in the corresponding boxes in the bottom section of this sheet and click the, ‘Submit Performance’, button.


Employee Report   (Tab)

You can view staff by: year, location, department, job title or employment status using filters.

This is a powerful report. Let’s say you want a salary report for your software manager showing all his London staff. Just select the IT department option under the department filter and the London filter under the Location filter. And so on.


Value for money: 

  • It would cost about £150 to have a VBA developer design this for you business meaning you save over £100 from the outset
 Cloud Based HR Software VS StaffTRAK HR Database and Dashboard (PRICE COMPARISON)
HR Software Vendor Yearly Price Estimate
Staffsquared £1080 a year for  30 staff
Zoho People £360 a year for 30 employees
PeopleHR Upto £1080 a year for 30 employees
StaffTRAK HR Database £30 for unlimited employees
  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Loaded with time-saving macros

  • Track all employees also

  • Data-packed Digital dashboard

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