Top Four Free or Affordable Payroll Software Packages for Small Businesses (UK)

Last updated on October 30th, 2017 at 05:04 pm

There will come a time in every successful entrepreneur’s life when they will need to hire and pay staff.

Of course, no matter which country you are in, employees need to be paid correctly, ensuring that the appropriate statutory deductions are made from their salary.

Many employers will simply outsource their payroll processes to a payroll provider or to an accountant and others may choose to do payroll in-house.

However, for those small business taking the DIY payroll option I thought it would be useful to outline the top 4 free payroll systems for small businesses.

1.Sage One Payroll (Cloud-Based). This is perhaps the leading and most trusted payroll package in the UK. Sage One Payroll is the tool you’ll need if you are just want to run HMRC payroll in the UK. It can be used for up to 25 employees with prices starting at £2.50 a month, and it can all be operated in the cloud, using just a web browser. If you need more than just payroll you can also sign up to Sage One Accounting starting at £10 a month which enables you to: Create invoices, receipts and track cash flow, Easily manage VAT, submit online returns to HMRC, Connect to your bank account.

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50% off Sage One Payroll for the first 3 months – £3 per month reduced from £6

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2.Xero This is high powered payroll and accounting tool for the UK market. As well as payroll it comes with: online accounting, VAT processing, invoicing, bank reconciliation, payroll, quotes, inventory and expense claims. This is a great tool for accountants and book-keepers. It comes with a free trial with prices starting at £7.50 a month for up to 200 employees on payroll. You’ll have to pay more for unlimited invoices and bank reconciliations. This is a great tool which you can try for free 30 days. Xero for UK Startups

3.IRIS. This is a simple payroll systems which is totally free for companies with less than 10 employees. It is RTI compliant and integrated with HMRC to enable online submission of all year-end and in year forms. It automatically calculates PAYE, NI and all statutory payments for less than 10 employees. Includes summary reports and can print payslips for free for 30 days or IRIS OpenPayslips, secure electronic payslips.>

4. .This is another free RTI compliant, cloud based payroll system. Its free for up to 5,000 employees and stays free because the system is sponsored by adverts. It enables you to do your UK payroll professionally and fully in compliance with HMRC’s statutory requirements.

5. .This is another totally free payroll software which performs all the payroll calculations and and handles all the HMRC filings (including RTI), and is suitable for small companies of up to 9 employees.

Don’t Want Software? Try Out This Downloadable Excel Timesheet

StaffTRAK Time. biweeklytimesheetThis downloadable excel-based time sheet tool will enable you as a busy manager to effectively track your staff hours. It comes in weekly, biweekly and monthly format. All you have to do is email this template to your consultants of employees and have them send it back to you before payment deadline. It calculates earnings and encourages workers to itemize their invoice based on client and billable vs non-billable work. Full documentation is available on the individual product page. Click for more detail.

The Perkbox platform includes over 200 exclusive perks. These are specially chosen to complement any lifestyle – from great price cinema tickets, to 10% off at big-name restaurants, to up to 5% off at supermarkets nationwide. But perks are just the beginning. Your team can stay in tip-top shape with hundreds of free, high-quality wellness classes, while our Rewards & Recognition feature is a fun way to celebrate great work. Try it now.

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