Probationary Period Form For Small Business

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The Probationary Period Form

Manage Your Next New Hire Effectively With This Downloadable, Probationary Period Management Word Document.

If you just hired a new employee, you can use this probationary period management form to manage their performance during the probationary period. It will enable you to set goals for the probationary period and track and review performance against those goals. The form allows for an interim and a final review and provides you with the evidence that the employee is a satisfactory performer, who should be made permanent or that hey are unsatisfactory and need to be dismissed.

Probationary Period Management Form

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Manage new hire performance

  • Keeps track of performance levels

  • Very easy to use


  • Step by step form guides you through the probationary process
  • Includes a simple and effective performance rating system
  • Allows for a useful and preemptive interim interview
  • Enables effective management of new hires


  • Following due process reduces the chance of wrongful dismissal claim
  • Helps you to communicate more clearly to new hires
  • Gets new hires off on the right goal-focused footing
  • Drives high performance of new hires from day one

Product Summary

This is a probationary period form and it includes everything you need to implement a trial period for a new into your business.

It is a 3 page word document of 566 words in length. It details out a step by step process which covers:

1.Initial Review Meeting

2.Interim Probationary Review Meeting

3.Final Review Meeting

Product Detail

Page 1: Initial Review Meeting: 

This includes the 3 month objectives for the probationary period, plus a development plan detailing training requirements of the period.

Page 2: Interim Review (6 weeks).

This section allows you to assess the new hire’s performance against 6 performance dimensions of:

  1. quality and accuracy of work,  
  2. efficiency,
  3. attendance,
  4. timekeeping,
  5. work relationships and,
  6. competence in  the role.

Adjust these dimensions as you see fit.

Performance can be rated either as:

  • excellent,
  • good,
  • satisfactory and,
  • improvement required.

And there is also a subsection where you can detail the required improvements.

Page 3: Final Review (3 months). 

Here you can do a similar review as shown on page 2. You can then either confirm the employee’s performance or extend the probationary period for another 3 months. You can of course choose to dismiss them but before doing this we recommend you follow our guidance on How To Implement a Probationary Period In Your Business.

It is a tabulated, instruction reach, easy to use document that will guide you every step of the way through implementing a probationary period in your small business.


Full details on how to use the probationary form in your business can be found in this article titled: How To Implement a Probationary Period In Your Business. Please ensure to read this carefully when using the form.

Probationary Period Management Form

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Manage new hire performance

  • Keeps track of performance levels

  • Very easy to use

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