Top 5 Free or Affordable Sales Motivation Software Tools for Small Business

Last updated on August 25th, 2017 at 04:13 pm

dreamstime_xs_20095916It would be great if all we had to do was: get a sales person, plug them in, and then they’d highly motivated from then on until the end of time. It would certainly save a lot of stress and would enable your business to maximise revenues. Of course this is fantasy, sales people are not robots, they are humans and while some are self motivated, most need plenty of external motivation to be effective. Typically, sales people are incentivized by commission payment on meeting sales targets.

But, lately a new form of sales motivation is arising and that is known as gamification. What happens here is that the sales process is turned into a game or a competition with the help of sales motivation software, which uses online leaderboards, challenges, contests etc… which actively pit sales staff against each other. This creates a sense of competititon which taps into the natural competitive spirit of humans. Whether people are motivated to be top of the pile or simply to not have the ignominy of having the wooden spoon, gamification and the sense of competition that it creates can increase the motivation levels in your sales team. Here’s several pieces of sales motivation software you can use to boost motivation in your sales team.

1.Hoopla. This is a feature-rich sales motivation software tool. It can pull individual sales data from or any excel file and automatically present that in an atttractive multi-media channel TV . It will broadcast league tables and winners for key metrics such as: outbound calls, meetings booked, contracts signed etc…, in a team or individual format. As soon as someone hits a target or milestone, their team-mates receive a push mobile notification, helping to spur the other team members on. This tool can turn your sales process into an internal contest and help create a healthy sense of competition in your team and boost motivation and sales. Contact for pricing.

2.Masskom. This is another powerful and feature heavy sales motivation software for small business. You can quickly import sales data into this system and auto-generate performance based league tables and leaderboards that will motivate your teams. Like Hoopla, Masskom does more than just create a leaderboard, it’s kind of a dynamic TV channel that is pushing out information and advertising and promoting the individual and team successes. As you’d expect, it comes with a 30 day free trial and prices start at a very reasonable $10 per employee per month. This is a feature rich sales motivation software tool that is designed to integrate with This system helps you to work out the key sales behaviours that are most likely to increase revenues. It also helps you to build individual scorecards for sales people and managers. It will also deliver warnings and notifications if individuals and teams are falling behind, and then you can use the system to create contests to increase performance in specific areas when key metrics are failing. It comes with a free demo and it needs to as it does have a heavy weight pricing plan: $600 a month for 10 users and $60 a month per additional user. This is another well designed sales motivation software tool. It once again works on a TV channel format, taking data from sales systems and building a daily narrative that drives and motivates teams. It presents leader-boards, and advertises top performers and highlights when milestones have been achieved. It’s another great sales motivation software tool through which to manage sales contests and promote healthy competition within your sales team. It has down to earth pricing, starting at $15 per user per month.

5.Ambition. Another feature-rich sales motivation software tool which uses data drawn from your sales systems to autogenerate both leader-boards and a motivational TV channel that highlight winners and milestones achieved. You can also create your own sales contests within the system to drive sales. It is reasonably priced with a starting level fee of $25 per user per month.

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