StaffTRAK Quarterly Performance Appraisal Form for SMBs


“Only 13% of managers and employees and 6% of CEOs thought their year-end reviews were effective”. Leadership IQ
There has to be a better way. Try our Quick and Simple Quarterly Appraisal Form

Why  Buy StaffTRAK Quarterly Performance Appraisal? (Word  Format)

  • Improves performance, firms that do quarterly appraisals deliver 31% greater investment returns. Source: Bersin by Deloitte.
  • Uses motivational constuctive feedback formatrather than a crude performance rating system which demotivates staff.
  • Focussed around self-evaluation, which research shows that employees find more motivational.
  • One Page Form, for ease and speed of use, perfect for the time pressurized small business manager.
  • Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, email Kazim, within 7 days of purchase, explaining why you are unhappy,  and I will refund your money, no quibbles. This is risk free.
  • Download straight after purchase. You’ll be automatically directed to the download page after purchase. No delays. It’s instant.
  • Secure Payments With Selz.comusing a credit card.

To download/purchase StaffTRAK Quarterly Performance Appraisal, please click this link or click on the product screenshot below. You will be directed to a page straight after purchase from which you can download the appraisal form.

checkinStaffTRAK Quarterly Appraisal

The appraisal system is in word format and contains four replica appraisals forms for February, May,  August and November, enabling you to do quarterly appraisals.

It contains 2 very simple questions that enable employees to self-evaluate in a constructive way, and also has a comments section for managers to provide praise and constructive feedback.

It’s only meant to last 15 to 30 minutes;it’s a check-in.

No scores or performance ratings are given, as this has proven to be confrontational, it’s meant to be a reflective process that encourages honest discussion.



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