5 Top Recruitment Agency Software Tools

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dreamstime_xs_25976137The recruitment agency hiring process is slightly different to that of the in-house hiring process. While both agency and in-house recruiters will need to: advertise for jobs and process CVS, arrange interviews and communicate with candidates, the agency hiring process has some extra components.

For example, agency recruiters will often be dealing with higher volumes of recruitment, and tend to build databases of passive talent that they can approach at times of need, which in-house recruiters don’t tend to do. Also, agency recruiters hire on behalf of external clients and will therefore be performing a more advanced level of customer relationship management than the typical in-house recruiter.

What all this means is that agency recruiters will need to use a specific type of ATS system that is specifically geared towards recruitment agencies. Below, you will find a list of 5 top recruitment agency software tools.

1.Zoho Recruit. This is a powerful and fully featured recruitment agency software tool and is one of the leading staffing agency software tools on the market. It has almost endless functionality to help you automate or streamline every process you could desire.

Finding talent is easy with Zoho Recruit as it is integrated with all the premium jobs boards, including Linked-in, Indeed, Dice, Monster, Broadbean, Ziprecruiter and many more. With just a click of a button you can advertise your jobs on all any or all of these sites. You can post to Linked-in, Faceboook and Twitter directly from your Zoho account. You can also connect with candidates on Linked-in and send inmail requests, all from within the Zoho Recruit Platform. Zoho Recruite also allows you to do direct sourcing as you can directly search for candidates in the Indeed database from your Zoho account. You can also build a brand aligned career portal using the Zoho Recruit Platform.

Tracking of applicants is easy with Zoho Recruit. It’s Resume Parsing functionality can extract resumes from your inbox, Linked-In or any other webpage, saving you the time and effort of manually uploading resumes and entering the data.

Talent identification is easy with Zoho Recruit as the system lets you search multiple resumes using common keywords or your own search terms and can save specific searches to be run later.

End to end automation is a key feature of Zoho Recruit. From within the platform you can automate/streamline: the sourcing of candidates, sending offer letters, invoicing clients, updating the candidate database, communicating with candidates (customzsed templates can be automatically be sent to candidates at various stages of the hiring process), setting of reminders.

Another key feature of Zoho Recruit is that it is extremely customizable and you can mould the system around your particular agencies work-flow. It also syncs Google Docs, Calendars and Zoho CRm, Zoho Docs, Zoho Mail and Zoho People, allowing for effortless collaboration and an almost endless capacity to expand it’s core features. Some additional cool features include the ability to make calls from within the system and put call reminders in place, along with the ability to send/SMS text messages.

Your search is over: Try out Zoho Recruit today.

stafftrakhiredash 2. StaffTRAK ATS. This is a downloadable applicant tracking excel template.

If you only recruit a few people a year, perhaps, up to 20 people, you might  not need software and you may prefer to use our simple, downloadable applicant tracking excel template.

It’s easy to use and it offers the ability to track applicants through 6 stages of the hiring process, produce automated interview schedules, and it produces a detailed digital dashboard of key metrics such as cost of hire, time to hire and source of hire. Try it out now.

3. Firefish Software is a cloud-based recruitment tool for professional recruiters. It’s a tool that has been made a developed by an experienced professional recruiter. As you would expect then Firefish has enhanced job vacancy marketing functionality. You create new jobs with the system and post them directly to your: own website, multiple jobs boards, including CV Library and Reed, AND you can distribute jobs to nearly 200 social networks, all from within the system. It’s also very easy to SEO optimize your ads and maximize the reach of your ads.

Firefish also has a powerful recruiter database that can be easily segmented making it easy for you to categorize candidates and create passive and active talent pools. If a candidate meets requirements for a job now or at some point in the future, having gained extra work experience you’ll automatically be notified, and if a candidate’s situation changes and no longer meets requirements, you’ll be told too.

Also, the ATS has intelligent filters to ensure that you have optimal candidate opportunity matching. It’s got great end to end work-flow functionality too, meaning you can go create ads, review applications, create short-lists, schedule interview, send out CVS and manage your offer process.

To top it all, it has market reach analysis capability enabling you to analyze the effectiveness of your job marketing campaigns and improve future performance. This is a well specified ATS that will suit a busy recruiting agency environment.

4.Eploy.co.uk. This is a powerful ATS and CRM system that will both streamline and enhance your candidate placement. It has all the features that an agency recruiting team demands, starting with a job vacancy publishing tool that can effortlessly post your job vacancies to advertising services like Broadbean, Idibu, Job Mate and Logic Melon AND social media with just a click.

Eploy also has a powerful filter and skill-matching tool that enables you to rapidly develop shortlists of qualified candidates from your database and broadcast an email to them notifying them of opportunities. The tool also enables you to easily create mailing lists and job alerts. You can also add a mini interview to the application helping you to pre-qualify candidates.

There’s a lot of inbuilt automation too, including automatic CV upload and entry into the database, and the CVS are automatically skill-matched too, saving your team time. The ability to batch process and use pre-existing templates allows you to automate much of the CV formatting/preparation for client review too.

5.Chameleon i. This is a powerful cloud-based recruiting agency software tool designed to meet the needs of permanent or temporary recruitment agency. It’s currently being used by over 6,000 agencies.

Its Core-ATS product is feature-loaded. It has an action system allowing you to make and record over 50 different types of activity, including phone calls, emails, meetings, interviews, offers, rejections etc… They have up to 5 CV parsing tools available, allowing you to auto upload CVs and auto-populate the candidate database.

As a recruiting agency you would probably like to buy the Core-Search add-on too which allows you to do powerful boolean based searching of your database to source suitable candidates quickly. It also has a radial search so you can search for candidates living within a certain radius of a town. You can use saved search functionality to speed up the talent identification process, and there is auto-search functionality which uses saved searches to automatically search for new matching candidates. As you would expect you can also search Linked-in for client and candidate profiles, directly from the Core-Search system.

You’ll also need the Core Marketing add-on if you need to attract talent as it offers prime functionality such as bulk email marketing, SMS marketing, mail merge, RSS, place-holders, automated jobs by email and marketing list.

5.Recruitsosimple. This is an all-in-one recruitment agency software tool, allowing you to manage the end to end process of finding and placing candidates with your clients. It is a very user-friendly and ergonomically designed system. It has all the key features that you could need as an agency recruiter: web-based, CV parsing, social media job posting, email & SMS integration and automation, intelligent searching, job board posting, tasks & calendar to help managed workflow, automation of repetitive tasks. Try it today.

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