Are You Walking Down the Right Career Path?

There are few things worse in life than deciding on and dedicating your time to training for a career only to find out that it isn’t the right job for you after all. In order to avoid finding yourself in such a position 5-10 years down the line, here are some things you can do to determine whether the career you’re interested in is right for you:

Look at Your Interests

A lot of people pick a career because they think it sounds good or they think they’ll be able to make a lot of money, but what they should perhaps be doing instead is looking at their interests and determining their choice of career based in that.

It’s much more likely that you’ll enjoy a job and progress through the ranks if you’re doing something you really love. So, if you’re into music, consider a job making producing or selling music, or if you love creative writing, consider careers in publishing, teaching or copywriting, for example.

Try a Personality Test

You might have good reasons for wanting to become an accountant, but do you have the personality for it? If not, you might find it a struggle to stick with the program and make a successful career in the industry.

In order to help you determine what kind of careers are compatible with your personality, there are lots of insight tests, like the one at you can take. They will give a god overview of your personality types and the kinds of work that you’re likely to enjoy and be good at.


Think About Your Other Life Goals

Work is for sure a big part of life, but it isn’t the only part. Most of us have other goals we want to achieve in this life, and if we want to give ourselves the best chance of doing that, we need to find work that will enable it. If for example, you dream of living in Australia, it would be sensible to look after staff shortages in that country, so you have a better chance of being granted a visa, or if you want to travel, looking for meaningful careers that meet your needs and enable you to do so would be goods. At the very least, you should seriously think about committing to a career that requires long hours if you have other non-work ambitions you’d like to achieve.

Work Out How Much Money Matters

Is money the most important consideration for you? If so, that is going to narrow down your career options somewhat, and you should research potential careers for average salaries, promotion prospects, and pension s, to ensure that you don’t choose a career where you stand little chance of reaching the top and making lots of money.

Try an Internship

If you aren’t sure if a career would be right for you after doing all of the above, it might be worth applying for an internship at,or volunteering in the field. This will give you a real idea of what you’ll be doing and how much you enjoy it.

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