Tips To Help You Cut Your Commute Costs

Are you looking for a means of lowering the cost of commuting to work in your car? Below are four ideas worth considering along with some money-saving tips for fuel consumption.

1. Parking

Parking comes at a fee, and that means your vehicle will need you to spend something and it is not moving. The parking fees can be an uncomfortable pinch in our wallet. So, you can opt to find a free parking spot closest to your place of work, park there and walk the rest of the way.

If your commute requires you to also travel by train, leaving your car at the train station may be costly. You should consider looking for a private drive that you can hire as a parking space, which may be a cheaper alternative.

2. Car Sharing

Commuting with a friend or colleague is a great way of having company for your journey and also can be cut the transportation costs by half. You can decide on sharing the cost of petrol if there is only one driver and you can as well decide on who drive if both of you have the license.

If you do not have an immediate colleague or friend to car share with, you can look at various online sites such as liftshare to find someone in your area you can match up with.

By sharing the commute, you cut the fueling costs while also turning that dull and lonesome journey into an interesting one with an exciting company.

3. Cycle To Work

The idea of riding to work is not one relished by many. But it is a fantastic way of exercising and thus may help you cancel your gym membership and save money on memberships fees as well as transportation costs.

If the journey to work is a relatively short commute and there are enough cycle paths, then consider jumping on a bicycle. The only petrol for this will be your effort. It is a fantastic way to keep fit and spend zero of fuel.

Invest is a good bike, something latest and remember to check with your boss to ensure that they are a member of the cycle to work scheme (a governmental initiative) that you can also join. Under the scheme, you can purchase a superb tax exempted bike of choice along with the required safety gear.

4. Get Walking

Walking is just like cycling though a bit slower and thus the perfect option if your route to work is very short. Walking will be a fun way of familiarizing yourself with your community while also keeping fit.

You may also find other locals who like to walk to work and whom you can come up with walking route planners.
5.Cut Your Motoring Costs

If your efforts of finding a suitable transport alternative bear no fruit, below are some options that may save you some money at the pumps:

  • Leave earlier for work

Do your best to avoid rush hours that are often characterized by traffic jams. You will spend less fuel and less time sitting in traffic. Leaving even five to ten minutes earlier can substantially reduce the time and traffic hassles of your commute.

  • Drive more efficiently

You will burn less fuel if you master how to change gear earlier and lower the overall speeds as you be gently on the gas (avoid sharp accelerations) and braking too often.

  •  Check your tire pressure

Underinflated tires increase drag, and this increases fuel consumption. Always check your tires before you drive off.

  • Compare car insurance to cut costs

You could be paying a lot more than you need to for your insurance. Doing a comparison could rectify this issue.

  • Switch off your air con

It should be on when very necessary because it does demand quite some fuel.

  • Lighten your load

Clear out the boot and remove every other thing that is not needed or of importance to your journey, this includes the roof rack.

  • Drive less

If your job or employees allow, then work from home at least once to thrice a week; you will cut the fuel costs by 20%.

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