4 Signs It’s Time to Consider a Career Change

The thought of making a career change can be disheartening. You’ve probably invested quite a bit of effort, money and resources into training for the career you have. But sometimes, despite a large investment, and despite a lot of good things about a chosen career, there might be compelling reasons why that career is not working out for you. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most critical reasons you might want to consider a career change:

1. Your Job Is at Risk of Being Made Obsolete by Technology

In history, there have been countless examples of technology making jobs obsolete. For example, bowling alleys used to hire pinsetters to set the pins back up after one bowler had finished so the next bowler could have a go. Those pinsetters had to find other work after machines were invented to automate the task of picking the pins up.

Lately, the rate of global technological innovation has accelerated. Governments and think tanks have come to the realization that countless jobs could possibly be rendered obsolete in the near future. They are scrambling to figure out how to manage the rapidly changing job market.

If you’re currently working in a role that will soon be taken over by automation technology, it is essential for you to start developing skills that will keep you employable. That might not necessarily mean you need to make an immediate career change, but a career change is something you’ll want to consider.

If you do decide to change careers, next time around you’ll want to be sure of choosing a more future proof job.

2. Your Job Is Putting Your Health at Risk

Valerie majored in textile design. After graduation from college, she landed a job designing carpets for a mid-sized manufacturer. She was ecstatic — until her first day on the job when she realized that, sitting at the desk in her office, she couldn’t breathe.

Her breathlessness was only a problem at work. When she left for the day, she could breathe again.

After a few workdays of suffering through what seemed like torture, she visited her doctor. The diagnosis: She was suffering from allergies to the dust in the air at the carpet manufacturing facility.

Valerie spoke with her classmates and colleagues about the work-related allergy she was facing. She discovered that dusty conditions were common to many textile manufacturing facilities. Much as Valerie loved the work, she made the difficult decision to change careers.

Your career choice can affect your health in numerous ways. Perhaps stress from your career could put your health at risk. Other times, there could be an immediate physical risk or discomfort you might experience, like what happened to Valerie.

No job could pay you enough that it would be worth putting your health at risk. If you feel that your job is jeopardising your health, it’s definitely time to consider a career change.

3. There’s No Room for Advancement in Your Current Career

If you want to advance, but you’ve hit a dead end in your career, it might be time to switch careers.

However, you should first determine if there truly isn’t any room at all for advancement. Is it really your career choice that’s the problem? Or is it an issue that’s unique to the company you’re working for? What if you switch companies or move to a different location? If there truly isn’t room to advance even if you were to get a job with a competing company, it might be time to consider a career change.

4. You’ve Identified a Different Career That You’re Keen to Try

There is no shame in realising you want to try a different career. People often make mistakes in their initial choice of careers, only to later discover a different career that would be a better choice. Sometimes it takes working in a career to understand that it is a mismatch for your skills, interests or personality. Even when your first career choice doesn’t work out, the experiences you’ve gained from the work can be valuable.

These are 4 of the most compelling reasons you’d want to consider a career change. If one or more of these reasons resonates deeply with you, it’s time to make plans for how to change courses. Life is too short to waste on work that is not ideal for you. Do yourself a favor and take action to get started with a career that will be more suitable for you in the long term.

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