Amazon Business: Competitive Supplier Market-Place For Buyers and Procurement Teams

Back in 2015 Amazon quietly introduced a new offering called Amazon Business. The thing is that is was such a quite introduction to the market place that no-one really heard about it. And the ones that did hear about, may have found that it was hard to work out what it was for, or what advantage it gave over just using Amazon. Well, I have put in the legwork and studied this strange beast called Amazon Business and will now explain to you in simple terms how it can help you business.

A bit like

Ever heard of, that online market-place founded by Jack Ma, where you can bulk buy just about anything you want from anywhere in the world. You want 50,000 biro pens at a knock down price? Go to alibaba, and so on. Amazon Business is little bit like that.

You want to reduce your business costs don’t you?

Amazon Business is more than a shop, it’s basically a purchasing/procurement solution for businesses of any size, which enables you to reduce your business costs. Using it’s competitive market-place which is a bit like a reverse auction where sellers bid/compete for your custom, you can get competitive/knock down prices for specific products that you are looking for. Other cost saving/management features of Amazon Business include:

1.Price cuts on multi-unit purchases

2.General price reductions on thousands of business products

3.Ability to compare prices from multiple sellers

4.Ability to request quantity discounts from certain sellers.

5.Purchase now and pay in 30 days after shipping with pay by invoice

Time pressurized? Amazon Business Saves Time

The competitive marketplace of Amazon Business is a one-stop shop which will save you lots of time searching the market-place for suppliers  manually. Other time-saving features include easier VAT invoice management, as well as the include frequently bought products to purchasing lists so you can reorder with one click.

Seamless integration with your organization’s buying process and IT system

You can model your own purchasing organization structure within Amazon Business, by adding team members, using buying groups and sign-offs. You can view and control your entire’ organization’s spend from your Amazon Business control panel. The system allows you to set spending limits and auto-approve purchases under specific monetary thresholds. You can also create a catalogue, set restricted categories or preferred products to provide strategic control over your spend and/or to implement a spending policy. You can add PO numbers too.

Amazon Business integrates with your existing purchasing systems too, so you can purchase on Amazon Business via Coupa, JAGGAER and SAP Ariba.

Actionable Reporting

The system enables you to develop customized reports so you can track procurement metrics, spot purchasing trends and opportunities to eliminate wasteful spend and consolidate.

Heard enough, try out Amazon Business today

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