StaffTRAK Quarterly Employee Performance Feedback Form (Excel Format)


Why Do Quarterly Appraisals?

Only 13% of staff and 6% of CEOs believing year-end reviews are effective, finds Leadership IQ, and  many employees actively hate and distrust the annual appraisal format. Ditching annual appraisals is not the answer. Performance assessment is essential. Rather, mimic industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, and GE in replacing this awkward, annual format with a more frequent, research-proven, lighter-touch quarterly/monthly check-in format. Quarterly appraisals allow your company to be more agile, quick-to-market, and responsive-to-change, giving you the edge in the modern, unpredictable business world.

Try our Quarterly Employee Performance Feedback Form

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Do quarterly appraisals

  • More agile teams

  • Boost performance

  • Reduce conflict

Why  Buy StaffTRAK Quarterly Performance Feedback? (Excel  Format)

  • Improves performance, firms that do quarterly appraisals deliver 31% greater investment returns. Source: Bersin by Deloitte.
  • Uses motivational constuctive feedback formatrather than a crude performance rating system which demotivates staff.
  • Focussed around self-evaluation, which research shows that employees find more motivational.
  • One Page Form, for ease and speed of use, perfect for the time pressurized small business manager.
  • Download straight after purchase. You’ll be automatically directed to the download page after purchase. No delays. It’s instant.

StaffTRAK Quarterly Employee Feedback

Product Detail

The One Page Appraisal Form. (Excel Format)


The system contains: 1.) Notes for use, 2.) Appraisal Form, 3.) Appraisal Tracking system.

There are 4 parts to the appraisal form:

1.) Employee Self Appraisal – Employee evaluates own performance.
2.) Manager Appraisal – Manager evaluates the employee’s performance.
3.) Objectives/Targets – Set goals to motivate staff to perform
4.) Personal Development Plan – Set learning goals so staff improve

The appraisal form is uniquely designed in a way  so that the employee and manager appraisal and development plan, sit side by side. The theory here is because the business is showing it’s commitment to development, staff will be more comfortable about discussing weaknesses.

The Rating System goes from 4 down to 1 as follows: 4: Exceeding expectations, 3: Meeting expectations, 2: Acceptable with specific improvements, 1. Not acceptable

The Tracker System is a means for tracking performance and is a Digital Dashboard to provide an overall perspective on performance. I’d recommend quick quarterly reviews.

Value for money: 

For a company of 20 people, it’ll cost you over £1,000 a year for performance appraisal software.  StaffTRAK Performance Feedback Form gives you the ability to manage your own performance appraisals, using just 5 documents. If you want great performance management at a fraction of the price then StaffTRAK Performance is just for you.

MARKET PRICE COMPARISON: StaffTRAK Performance VS Appraisal Software
Appraisal  Software Vendor Yearly Price Estimate
Small Improvements £1,500 a year for  35 staff
Assessteam £1,260  year for 35 employees
People HR [Perform] £1,050  year for 35 employees
StaffTRAK Perform £10 for unlimited employees


  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Do quarterly appraisals

  • More agile teams

  • Can boost performance

  • Can reduce conflict

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