5 Free or Affordable Recruiting Software Systems for Small Firms

Last updated on July 11th, 2018 at 04:01 pm

Whether you are a self employed recruiter starting out, a small recruiting agency or an SME you will soon reach the point where you will need to change from your excel driven job candidate management system to a professional recruiting software system.

This can be a challenging data migration and business re-engineering project requiring commitment and discipline but the rewards are high as a good recruitment software  system will automate many of the mundane and boring parts of the hiring process, such as CV sifting, making it more efficient, and freeing you up to spend more time on the exciting parts of recruiting like interviewing, negotiation, and in the case of agency recruiter’s winning new business and acquiring more talent for your database.

But, of course initially you might not want to go all out and buy an expensive hiring system;, you might want to dip your toes in the water and fortunately you can do this by trying one of the following free or affordable recruiting software systems that are currently on the market.

Not big enough for software? Try StaffTRAK ATS, our simple, downloadable applicant tracking excel template. Try it out now.

5 Free or Affordable Recruiting Software Systems for Small Firms

1.Zoho Recruit. This is a  free, web based, yet fully fledged recruiting software system and applicant tracking system which allows the users to manage resumes, candidates, clients and client contacts all from within the system. It automates much of the hiring process. It also parses resumes/CV which means it can take resumes and automatically submit the contents to the system and create applicant records, reducing the amount of data entry time significantly. Its free for up to 1 recruiter.

2.People HR. This is a packaged, fully featured HR system which comes with an ATS module, containing all the functionality of a traditional, standalone ATS. You just get a full HR, system and performance management system attached for free! Can’t be bad. It doesn’t lack for core ATS functionality at all. You can automatically post vacancies on your website, or on the major jobs boards, and applicant CVs are automatically uploaded to the system. You can filter CVs to rapidly shortlist and you can send letters and email from the system too. It’s a fully featured ATS costing £2.50 per employee per month, so its a great price too.

3.JobDiva Powered by smart technology, JobDiva—a full-service Applicant Tracking, Talent Management and Customer Relations Management System—grows productivity and recruiter potential to unheard-of dimensions and heights. Users in the temporary staffing and recruitment industry will find JobDiva’s toolbox of solutions broad-ranging and effective in numberless directions, helping every individual in an organisation, from recruiters, to account managers, to executives. Whether you’re seeking detailed data analytics or robotics-driven candidate matching, JobDiva’s cloud-based software solutions represent technological advancement at its very finest and most useful. For those seeking automation and a highly welcoming user experience, you can’t do better than JobDiva.

stafftrakhiredash4. StaffTRAK ATS. This is a downloadable applicant tracking excel template. If you only recruit a few people a year, perhaps, up to 20 people, you might  not need software and you may prefer to use our simple, downloadable applicant tracking excel template. It’s easy to use and it offers the ability to track applicants through 6 stages of the hiring process, produce automated interview schedules, and it produces a detailed digital dashboard of key metrics such as cost of hire, time to hire and source of hire. Try it out now.

4. Recruitee  is a another web based, recruiting software system which enables companies to post to all the major  free job boards with a single submission. Its a powerful ATS and comes with an inbuilt referral module so you can sources candidates using your staff’s contacts. There is an applicant tracking module, enabling you to track applicants at every stage of the hiring process. External email and calendars can be synchronized with recruitee so you can keep track of applicant communications and appointments. There is also a scorecard so you can rate applicants. Prices start at €49 euros a month. Try it out now.

6. FreshTeam ATS. This is a a very affordable applicant tracking system. It’s got all the key features you’d expect: career portals, email and scheduling functionality, job advertising functionality, candidate pipeline management, in-built assessments, employee referrrals interview question library, and video interviews. The candidate management system allows drag and drop pipeline management, rich candidate profiles and automated staff actions such as sending out additional assessments. Prices start at $50  a month for 50 employees. Try it out now.

If you only recruit a few people a year, perhaps, up to 20 people, you might  not need software and you may prefer to use our simple, downloadable applicant tracking excel template.  Try it out now.

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