Top 4 Web Based Exit Interview Software Tools

Last updated on October 4th, 2017 at 11:08 am

Employee disengagement is not always easy to face up to, but if you are suffering from low morale and high turnover this could be indicative of an employee engagement issue that needs to be addressed. The best way to do this is to take the pulse of your organization by conducting some form of attitude survey. You could do an employee engagement survey and/or an exit interview. The advantage of leaver’s exit interview over an employee engagement survey is that surveys show that employees are more likely to be honest in such an interview. And one of the best ways to implement an exit interview is using on-line exit interview software, which has been designed to enable the employee to have some degree o anonymity and to encourage departing employees to provide useful information.

Below, I have outlined 4 of the top Exit Interview Software Tools.

1.ExitPro. This exit interview software survey tool is suitable for companies of all sizes and they have four products to cover all sizes of business from under 100 staff to forms with over 2,500 employees. This software is web-based and ensures that results are delivered instantaneously to the employer.

2.ExitVue by Boost Evaluation. This is another highly automated exit interview system which sends an email to the leaver’s home or work email address and also sends reminders if required.  It has excellent reporting and it when you have enough data it provides you will a graph of the top reasons for leaving overall.

3.Nobscot. This is another web-based, exit interview automation tool. It is award winning and it enables you to automatically capture, track and statistically analyze staff exit interview data.

4.Grapevine Exit Interview Software. This is another web-based exit interview software tool. It comes with a 30 day free trial and pricing plans start at $80 a month. This system is highly customizable from both a branding and features point of view and it will do doubt meet your needs.

Professional Exit Interview Form

Of course, it is not always necessary to use exit interview software. It may be that you have a very good relationship with the departing person and you simply want an exit interview to use an an interview agenda for your exit interview meeting.

If this is the case I would recommend using a professional exit interview form such as this one from Netlawman. All their forms are drafted by solicitors and so you can trust they are legally sound. They are suitable for all types of employee, ranging from junior to senior staff member and can be used in any type of organization. Try it out now.


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