Top 5 Free Or Affordable Cloud Based Staff Rota Software Systems for Small business

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Gone are the days where the service industry or manufacturing industry could rely on a card-board rota sheet in the work-place canteen. Times have moved on. Software and particularly cloud based rota systems offer so much more functionality than physical rota/roster sheets. For starters they allow you to print out the sheets so you can still post them in the canteen, meaning that rota/rosters are still accessible to staff.

But, in the old days staff used to have to phone in to have someone else check the rota for them, if they needed confirmation of hours. However, a cloud based rota/roster system allows staff to quickly check their rota/roster on their computer at home or even from their mobile phone. Many systems include reminders which can be sent out to staff prior to shifts. All these features mean that your staff will never forget a shift again or confuse a shift pattern again, giving you better business continuity.

Cloud based rota/roster software is great for duty managers running: pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, call centres, hospitals, and factory shifts. If you want some tips on optimizing your work patterns, follow this link for some advice on setting work schedules.

Below you can find a list of 5 free or affordable cloud-based rota/roster software systems for small business.

1.Planday The Online Employee Scheduling Tool. Market-leading online, cloud-based employee scheduling software. It’s suitable for 10 or 200 workers and feature- loaded, containing drag-and-drop shift functionality, allowing you to populate entire shifts with staff at lightning speed, along with schedule templates, which you can copy and quickly modify enabling you to set up your shift pattern in no time. Both these features are sure to save you time over your current excel or paper based method.

The mobile application has shift trading functionality enabling staff to swap shifts with minimum administrative burden to you, saving you time again and empowering your staff, enabling them to work flexibly. The system will also process vacation requests at the click of a button.ios-mockup-hires1

Whether you manage staff in a restaurant, hotel, bar or office, this tool will do the job for you and save you time, energy and stress in the process.  It comes with a 30 day free trial, excellent customer support, with prices starting at £2 per user per month. Look no further. 1.Try Planday Today.

2.Findmyshift Online Employee SchedulingThis is a market leading, cloud-based employee scheduling tool. It’s a well refined tool that’s been developed using 12 years of feedback from thousands of managers, and is used by the likes of the NHS, Subway and St John. Key features include drag and drop scheduling, (so it’s quick and easy to build and maintain large schedules), an inbuilt time sheet with automated reports for payroll and cost reporting. It also has a holiday management facility so you see when staff are unavailable and work out their remaining holiday allowances. It comes with messaging and notification functionality so staff can be updated about shifts via email, text or push notification. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has daily shift notification functionality so staff can be reminded of shifts the day before. Businesses pay a flat rate of £20 a month. It’s got to be worth a try. Check it out here.

stafftrakrota3.StaffTRAK Rota. If you are a smaller company of perhaps 20 or less employees you might not need software, and if this is the case why not try out our simple Downloadable Excel Staff Rota. It’s easy to use and you can start managing shifts in no-time using software you are already familiar with. Try it out now.

4.Online Employee Scheduling Software at Tracksmart Employee Scheduling will enable you to reinvent staff scheduling. You can create and save recurring schedules and it also has a powerful Autoschedule feature which allows you to quickly build random schedules based on staff availability and filtered by their skill-set.By following this link you will get 30% off. Of course the system is cloud-based and can be accessed by smart-phone or tablet or PC. It also has powerful self-service functionality which allows your employees swap shifts and make time-off requests all from within the system. Prices start at $22 a month for up to 15 people. You get 30% of when you follow this link.Try it Out Now! Online Employee Scheduling. This is a powerful and user-friendly cloud-based rota and employee scheduling system. It comes with a no credit card required 30 day free trial and prices start $15 a month for up to 10 users. The system is easy to use and featured loaded, allowing users to: create varied or repeating employee schedules each week, quickly add shifts or copy from previous week, drag/drop interface for easy shift changes or shift cloning, manual or automatic shift assignment, self-service so employees can select their own shifts onlin, mobile versions.

6. Zoomshift.  This is a fully featured, cloud-based rota/roster system. Prices start at $15  a month for up to 5 users, going up to $115 a month for 100 users.. The system allows you to quickly set up shifts, and create repeat shifts on a daily or weekly basis, enabling you to plan a year of shifts very quickly. It has in-built protection to prevent double assignments and scheduling conflicts. Staff and managers can access the system through PC and mobile. Shifts can be printed out. There is an in-built reminder system and a shift agreement system so managers can assign shifts to staff and the staff are required to confirm or decline their acceptance. You can also track actual hours (in addition to scheduled hours), using the systems time-clock (for punching in), and time sheets for tracking hours worked. Try it now.

stafftrakrotaDownloadable Excel Staff Rota. If you are a smaller company of perhaps 20 or less employees you might not need software, and if this is the case why not try out our simple Downloadable Excel Staff Rota. It’s easy to use and you can start managing shifts in no-time using software you are already familiar with. Try it out now.

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