5 Tips To Get The Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon and other Retailers

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Imported from America into the UK a few years ago, Black Friday has been slowly forcing it’s way into the UK mainstream retailer’s shopping calendar.

And, now 2018 is perhaps the year that UK shoppers will approach Black Friday with the same enthusiasm as our American cousins.

Still, us Brits are relative novices at this. Think back to the ugly scenes at supermarket checkouts of people literally fighting over widescreen TVs at Black Friday supermarket checkouts. Very amateurish. With the right know-how and prep, you can access the best deals on Black Friday, ahead of the crowds, avoiding stress and ugly check-out confrontations.

1.Know when Black Friday Deals are happening.

Black Friday is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not really a day. It has now become a 3 week period/shopping festival during November, where participating retailers discount heavily. Black Friday discounting tends to pick up steam after fireworks night on the 5th and ends on the last weekend of November. If you wait until the last Friday of November, (the actual Black Friday), you’ll have missed lots of deals.

2.Shop Online

Avoid the crowds, queuing and checkout confrontations and stay at home and shop on-line for a faster retail experience with much more choice.

3.Join Amazon Prime or Student Prime for access to lightning deals

If you haven’t already, join Amazon Prime (for a 30 day free trial if you like), or Join Amazon Student Prime (for a whopping 6 month free trial if you like). Why? Because prime membership gives you early-bird access to lightning deals, meaning that you are told about Black Friday deals 30 minutes before non-members, (the wider public), hear about it. Prime membership will give you early-bird access to Amazon Black Friday deals.


4.Get Honey App the Chrome Browser Extension

This will help you to save money online in two ways. Firstly, if you click on the Honey button at the check-out it will automatically apply coupon-codes to your shopping cart.

On Amazon you can set up alerts and it will tell you when your favourite products are on sale, so this can potentially give you early access to Amazon Black Friday deals too.

Honey also gives you a price history chart on Amazon for every product you look at, which can help you to identify the best time to buy and to check that that great Black Friday deal is as good as it seems. This app works in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and India.

5.Get Price Blink The Chrome Browser Extension

Price Blink will help to ensure that you get the best deals on Black Friday by firstly finding coupons and automatically applying them to the checkout. But, what it also does, is check for lower prices while you are shopping to ensure you are not overpaying for your Amazon Black Friday deal. It’s non-intrusive, because if there is no deal, it stays hidden. It currently works in the UK and US.

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