Top 4 Free or Affordable 360 Degree Feedback Software Tools

Help Desk Software by FreshdeskIf you want to build a more customer-focussed and collaborative culture within your business you will need to start developing employees and encouraging them to be more customer-focussed. Of course, this developmental process should start during the hiring process and you should be selecting employees who exhibit excellent customer focus and collaboration skills.

However, learning is a continual process and one excellent way to continue to develop your team member’s customer focus and collaboration skills is to use 360 degree feed-back. This involves collecting feedback from various internal, (and perhaps even external), customers, suppliers and colleagues of the person in question about how they conduct themselves. This means that the manager can get a rounded, 360 degree view of the employee based on how they interact with the people around them. This means the manager can provide more accurate and complete feedback about the employee and design a tailored developmental plan that helps improves the employee’s all-round collaborations skills.

Administering 360 feed-back sessions with multiple-raters and multiple employees can be laborious and I would not recommend doing it without using some form of 360 degree feed-back software tool. Below, I have outlined 4 such 360 degree feedback software tools that you can use: This is an extremely easy to use cloud-based, 360 degree feedback software tool. They don’t list prices but claim they have a very flexible pricing plan which is affordable for small businesses. It has all the features that you would expect in a 360 degree feedback system, including a question bank, employer branding and simple rating system. This is a fully featured, cloud-based 360 degree employee feedback system which has a real focus on usability and automation. You put in details of raters and those to be rated, along with the rating questions and the system will do the notifying and chasing until all feed-back is completed. Easy breezy. This is an enterprise level system but they do offer a simple option for companies with just a few staff to rate. This can be bought on-line. This is another very powerful, cloud-based 360 degree feedback system which can be accessed on multiple devices. This is an enterprise class feedback tool, which allows high levels of employer branding and customization.

4.Selfstir. This is another powerful 360 degree assessment tool aimed at small business and executives. You can literally go in and organize your own personal, 360 degree feedback or you can use the system to administer your team’s or organization’s 360 degree feedback. The tool is free for individuals and coaches.

Help Desk Software by Freshdesk

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