Top 5 Free or Affordable Employee Engagement Software Tools for Small Business

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 04:13 pm

Research from Gallup tells us that an alarming 87% of employees world-wide are not engaged in their work. We are in an employee engagement crisis. This isn’t some high brow, esoteric HR issue that only concerns blue chip corporations with high powered HR teams on standby to respond, it has repercussions for the start-ups and small businesses too.

Yes, no business is immune from this employee disengagement epidemic and it’s clear that start-ups and small businesses will be feeling the effects of a disengaged work-force. By disengaged we mean: bored, working to rule, not willing to put in much or any extra effort, and in the case of the actively disengaged they are negative and spread this negativity around your work-force.

So, what can employers do about this employee engagement problem? The first step is around diagnosis and that is finding the cause of staff disengagement, and the second stage involves addressing the issues leading to disengagement. In this article, we’ll just look at how you can diagnose the reasons for disengagement in your staff body and at the least measure the levels of disengagement of your staff by conducting an employee engagement survey. Below are 5 free or affordable employee engagement software tools to help you assess the engagement levels and mood of your staff.

1.The Perkbox platform is an innovative employee engagement platform used by thousands of companies 1000’s of companies because it helps with boosting team morale, recruitment, retention productivity and rewarding star performers. It includes over 200 exclusive perks. These are specially chosen to complement any lifestyle – from great price cinema tickets, to 10% off at big-name restaurants, to up to 5% off at supermarkets nationwide. But perks are just the beginning. Your team can stay in tip-top shape with hundreds of free, high-quality wellness classes, while our Rewards & Recognition feature is a fun way to celebrate great work. Try it now.

2. Culture Amp. This is an innovative employee engagement survey software tool. This tool is focused on developing a productive and healthy culture by using a mix of 4 types of survey: engagement, identity, growth and sustainability. They have an innovative lifecyle survey – which can be pushed to to staff’s mobile phone – which assesses employee engagement at key stages of the employment lifecycle: Candidates, Onboarding and Exit. They have many more survey types, including a performance based one and a pulse survey which helps you assess the impact of improvement initiatives. Prices are competitive, starting at $3,000 for companies between 50 and 200 employees.

3.Teamphoria. This is another excellent employee engagement software tool pitched at small-businesses. The tools allows you to conduct an employee engagement survey of your staff body. They have a very stream-lined survey which takes just 5 minutes and involves just 12 questions, with 10 questions being based on the core elements of engagement and 2 questions being specific to your company. Thanks to the brevity and conciseness of the survey you can be sure that your staff won’t get bored halfway through the survey and you’ll have a great uptake. Pricing is on an number of employees per month basis.

4.Office Vibe. Like teamphoria above, this is another employee engagement survey tool that markets itself on brevity. They have a refresingly simple survey format which they claim has pushed up their survey uptake rates to 330% higher than average. The survey allows for the traditional annual survey format but also enables continuous feed-back and also allows survey users to respond anonymously. Prices start at $65.83 per month for up to 50 employees.

5. Quantum Workplace. This is a powerful cloud-based continuous feed-back survey which allows you to keep the finger on the pulse of your staff’s fluctuating engagement levels. This survey tool can offer a traditional annual survey format and/or a pulse format where you can program it to survey employees at regular intervals to suit your needs. It comes in multiple languages and surveys can be pushed out to desktop and mobiles or even to a printer as a paper survey.

6.Decision Wise. This is a market leading employee engagement software survey tool. It is a cloud-based tool naturally which means your employees can login anywhere at anytime to complete the survey. Don’t worry, if the topic of employee engagement sounds overwhelming as the support team at Decision wise work in partnership with you to prepare and implement the engagement survey. They will help to develop custom surveys to suit your company, and help you to analyze the results and also guide you through the use of the corrective action planning tool.


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