It Pays To Look After Your Staff

There are a whole bunch of pillars that hold up any business – be it cashflow, customer satisfaction, employee productivity or success – and any single one of these pillars could bring a business down if it collapses and fades away entirely. It’s important to take responsibility for all of these pillars if you are a business owner, and it’s especially important to ensure that you’re not ignoring any of them, as they are what holds your business together!

Today, we’ll be focusing on your employees – their well-being and how it links to productivity. It really does pay to look after your staff. Studies have shown the rather unfortunate news that the vast majority of employees are disenfranchised, disengaged and demoralised. This is extremely bad news – as an unhappy employee is going to be an unproductive employee. Across the world, this can costs businesses hundreds of billions in cash due to a loss of productivity. See, it pays!

Engaging your employees and considering their well-being isn’t just something that a ‘nice’ workplace does – it is something all businesses should do. If you want energized and happy staff, you should pay attention to them, and what they respond to. You should keep your door open and ensure transparent communication is possible. You don’t need to hike wages to keep your staff happy, just treat them like human beings and don’t act like you’re on a higher pedestal.

Listen to employee concerns and act on them – in fact, go look for this type of constructive criticism and act on the feedback. This shows that you’re listening, but it also shows staff members that they can affect positive change in the workplace. It’s worth engaging staff in their work – if there are problems, do the exact same as above and find out what they are and work hard to resolve them.

Commendations, awards and general recognition are a great way to boost your team’s morale. If someone does some good work, you should recognise that and reward them for it! The prize? Cash incentives aren’t always the best idea, but something shiny from the store can last a long time and be a real physical mark of respect and pride. If your team are doing well, you should go to great lengths to reward them and encourage that productivity. You want to make a regular thing of this!

Try to build teams without cheesy and terrible ‘team-building’ activities. Go for drinks after work, enjoy early days off, reward hard workers with extra holiday. Encourage your team to bond and they will knit together. Don’t be afraid to resolve disputes as well – the office isn’t a jungle you can just step in and out of – you’re part of it as well.

In the words of Richard Branson, who knows a thing or two about business, if you ‘look after your staff, they will look after your customers’. Being a great leader isn’t just about results – it’s about people having faith in you, it’s about you being the best person possible for your team and your business.

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